More Than 106,000 Canadian Jobs Created in April 2019

More Than 106,000 Canadian Jobs Created in April 2019

Canada’s job market showed shocking results with the most considerable one-month job growth since 1976, when the government began collecting comparable data. In April 2019, the country added 106,500 net positions, most being full-time, according to Statistics Canada. The spike in new Canadian jobs was more than predicted and aided in the drop in the unemployment rate to 5.7 percent. If you want to get hired for a job you deserve, contact Jobs Across the World. They will match your resume with open positions all around the globe and keep you updated on new postings which match your skillset.

The Canadian labor market has been robust since 2016 and is a major highlight for the economy. TD economist Brian DePratto said, “Wow. This was by and large a solid report. Nearly every indicator of quality came in strong this month.” He said this sends the message that employers have faith in their economy. The overall gain in April was fueled by 73,000 new full-time jobs and 83,800 jobs in the private sector. The latest positions were spread over many sectors, with both factory and services seeing gains. Employment increased by 32,400 in retail and wholesale jobs and the construction industry increased by 29,200 positions. Jobs Across the World has a team of career development experts dedicated to helping you get hired for the job you want and deserve. Contact them today!

An increase of 66,400 part-time positions for workers 15-24 years old caused the youth unemployment rate to drop to 10.3 percent. Ontario, Alberta, Quebec, and Prince Edward Island all saw net job increases. Nearly 80 percent of the gain was in Ontario. Quebec’s jobless rate decreased to 4.9 percent, setting a new record. Senior economist Robert Kavicic said overall active numbers show the economy is rebuilding momentum following a winter slowdown. Over the long-term, Canada is on a solid employment run. Submit your resume to Jobs Across the World for a job opportunity no matter where you are located. All international applications are accepted. You will be updated on new positions that match your qualifications.

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