Low-Skilled Immigrants Needed for Jobs in the USA

Low-Skilled Immigrants Needed for Jobs in the USA

The bottom line is the United States economy doesn’t have enough workers. The number of open positions has been more than the number of job seekers, setting a record of 16 months in a row. In June 2018, the US economy had 7.4 million open jobs, but only 6 million people were seeking for a job opportunity, according to the US Department of Labor. If you are seeking for a better job opportunity, contact Jobs Across the World. They will match your skillset with the perfect position for you. It doesn’t matter where you currently live, or where the open job is located. 

This is not the usual trend for the United States. There have always been more people looking for work than jobs available since the Department of Labor began recording job turnover twenty years ago. That trend reversed at the beginning of 2018. Employers have been challenged over the past few years with a shortage of skilled laborers, especially those with degrees in STEM fields. Most every sector now has a job shortage, but now there is a new twist. Companies are short blue-collar positions over professional positions that require a college degree. Jobs Across the World will match your resume with an open position no matter where it is located. All international resumes are welcomed. You will receive updates as new jobs become available. 

The hardest-to-find workers are now home health care aides, hotel staff, and restaurant workers. The shift is based on the number of Americans attending college and taking professional positions, while baby boomers are retiring in full force. Now, for the first time, lower-skilled workers have more leverage in this current job market. A sure way to check the advantage is to see how many employees are leaving their jobs. When more people are leaving than getting let go, it is a sign of a healthy job market. It shows people are getting better-paying jobs or feel confident they will. The highest number of people to ever quit their job in a single month happened in April. Over three million people resigned their current positions. When you submit your resume to Jobs Across the World, they will match your qualities with open positions all around the world. You will be kept updated on new job postings. Contact them today!

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