Higher Starting Salaries for Healthcare Jobs in the UK

Higher Starting Salaries for Healthcare Jobs in the UK

 recent survey reported that out of 400 agencies, permanent and temporary staff were being offered higher wages in the UK. Starting salaries saw an increase as the decline continued in the availability of workers. Nurses and other medical positions are experiencing the highest increase in pay and the lowest availability in skilled workers, according to the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC). The chief executive of the REC, Kevin Green, said, “Nursing and medical staff remain the most in-demand for temporary roles, which is further evidence of the strain the NHS is feeling on filling vacancies.” JobsAWorld is the most successful global online employment solution. If you are considering relocating for a job, submit your resume today. Employers have free access to the resumes of skilled foreign talent in the extensive, user-friendly database.

Recruiting agencies are challenged with several job areas that employers are having a hard time filling, such as van drivers, welders, and baristas. Green said employers are responding to the shortages by offering higher starting salaries to attract workers. As the new year comes around, workers begin thinking about changing jobs, which makes employers think about how to retain staff plus find new hires as the competition for skilled workers intensifies. “Bosses should consider going to wider talent pools and to be inventive about how to improve their employer brand and make themselves an even more attractive place to work,” according to Green.
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Average weekly wages in the UK, excluding bonuses, increased by 3.3 percent on the year, which is the most substantial increase since 2008 and well in front of inflation, which fell to 2.3 percent. Bonuses took the average pay in the UK to 3.4 percent, and the average employee’s pay rose by 1.1 percent in real terms. Existing companies are growing, new businesses are being created, the global population is aging, and more people are retiring. These challenges are making it hard for employers to find the skilled labor needed to fill their vacancies. JobsAWorld can help you find the perfect position for the job you have desired. Contact them today!

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