How to Respond to a Common Job Interview Question

How to Respond to a Common Job Interview Question

When being interviewed for a job, whether it is your dream job or not, act like it is the job you have always wanted. Hiring managers are invested in knowing how the opening aligns with your career path and goals. CNBC’s “The Job Interview,” is a show about candidates interviewing for real jobs while being videoed. In a recent episode, two interviewers asked candidates about their dream job, trying to see how well they would fit into the company. Jobs Across the World can help you find the job you have always wanted. You submit your resume and wait on a call from a potential employer.

Adam Lowenstein and Justin Herrick, co-owners of Watershed Hospitality, are on the search for an event and catering sales manager. The company manages several bars and restaurants in Michigan. They need a candidate with restaurant and sales experience and superior communication skills. One potential employee answered the question about their dream job with, “From the age of probably five years old, I watched ‘Jerry Maguire’ and I wanted to be a sports agent.” Honest answers are great for the interviewer, but can at times impact you negatively as the applicant. You never let the hiring manager know the position is less than ideal.

Employers are wanting to hire people who are interested in working for them. Impress the employer by talking about your passion for working at their company. Jobs Across the World can assist you in locating, no matter where in the world, the best job opportunity for you. Contact them today!

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