Internet Boom in Rural Areas Producing New Jobs in China

Internet Boom in Rural Areas Producing New Jobs in China

Lou Zhaoliu quit his job in Shenzhen one year ago and joined ambitious entrepreneurs who are helping launch China’s digital revolution into the next frontier, the rural regions. Returning to his hometown after nine years of research and development at a business that made parts for electric cars, Zhaoliu started a business making fermented bean curd. He began with a small factory and recruited older and middle-aged residents from this village and dreamed of surpassing the condiment business nationwide through online retail platforms. If you are willing to relocate for the perfect job, contact JobsAWorld. They will match your skills with the position you have dreamed of having. It doesn’t matter where the job opportunity is located or where you currently live. All international applications are welcome.

Luo’s venture is showing how China’s advances in technology and the internet revolution are opening opportunities for startups in rural regions and helping them build operable businesses. These connections are helping created new positions and revitalize local economies. The efforts of Zhaoliu remind everyone of the imbalance between rural areas of China and the big cities. The rural areas have scarce employment opportunities, and the people have to leave to find work and be able to support their families, who they often leave at home. JobsAWorld uses a state-of-the-art integrated platform that no one else has. They match your resume with open jobs all around the globe and keep you updated on new postings that match your skillset. The team of career development experts is dedicated to helping each applicant get hired for the position they deserve.

China’s rural areas are seeing robust growth due to the development of broadband infrastructure as well as quick adoption of mobile payments and online shopping. This will fuel growth for the globe’s most significant e-commerce market. When Beijing revealed the Internet Plus strategy, an approach to integrate cloud computing for manufacturing, the mobile internet, and the development of e-commerce, expansion in China’s internet received a considerable boost. JobsAWorld is committed to helping employers and job-seekers connect, no matter where either is located. The perfect position is waiting for you. Submit your resume today!

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